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14 May 1986
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I'm Ant.

Does anyone even use LJ anymore?

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( ), /b/, a clockwork orange, a silver mt zion, acid mothers temple, aereogramme, alcohol, alternative music, animals on wheels, aphex twin, asobi seksu, bass guitar, beethoven, bill hicks, boards of canada, brass eye, british sea power, camel, can, caravan, chinese food, chris morris, clark, classical guitar, dead man's shoes, deftones, do make say think, electric guitar, electric wizard, electronica, explosions in the sky, fear and loathing, flying lotus, four tet, frank zappa, gigs, girls, godspeed you! black emperor, goldfrapp, gonzo journalism, grizzly bear, guitar solos, guitars, hunter s thompson, improvisation, instrumental music, jeff buckley, jefferson airplane, jesu, jethro tull, jimmy page, joe satriani, john coltrane, journalism, kid koala, king crimson, kinski, kissing, kong, lead guitar, led zeppelin, leftfield, lemon jelly, lightning bolt, long songs, mandolin, martin scorsese, massive attack, metal, miles davis, mogwai, mono, music, mussorgsky, navy blue, ninja tune, oceansize, pelican, photography, piano, pink floyd, pizza, post-rock, prefuse 73, prog-rock, prose, psychedelic rock, pyschedelia, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rehabilitating mr wiggles, renoise, robert de niro, robert fripp, sad songs, samuel l jackson, seafood, shane meadows, sigur ros, skalpel, slint, smashing pumpkins, soft machine, soloing, soundgarden, spanish guitar, squarepusher, steve howe, syd barrett, system of a down, taxi driver, the beatles, the doors, the prodigy, the small faces, theoretical physics, this is england, tool, tortoise, traveling, violin, walking, warp records, writing, xl recordings, yes, zero 7

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